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As I’ve posted many times before, we come across this improper workmanship very often. We climb up onto dozens of roofs every week and it’s sad to say that close to 50% or more have one or more of their penetrations shingled this way. You don’t have to know much about roofing to see that the end result from our repair is going to be much more resistant to water coming in from a sideways downpour. The thing is, this is usually a very minor issue that often doesn’t lead to anything serious, but the fact is, it is improper because if it’s going to rain with a very strong constant wind throwing water in all directions, there is no doubt about it that SOME water will get under the flashing. In severe cases, when unnoticed, it can lead to eventual mold development in your attic insulation and drywall! Thankfully it doesn’t rain very often in this province, but in order to be totally comfortable knowing your roof is 100% protected from all harsh weather conditions, this is a simple quick repair we do recommend. This situation applies to all penetrations such as pipes, vents and chimneys. Call us today and we’ll be more than happy to come over and inspect your roof absolutely FREE of charge where we will closely analyze all your roof penetrations and every inch of the roof in general. From there we can provide you with a clear, detailed proposal for long term worry free resolutions to all issues found. CALL NOW —> 306-371-1817 #nomoreleaks #roofrepair #roofrepairs #roofingcontractor #roofingcontractors #roofcontractor #roofer #leakingroof #roofleak #doitrightthefirsttime #qualityworkmanship #roofingLife #rooferlife #roofing #roof #icedam #roofingproblems #roofingworld #roofersofinstagram #roofingexperts #quality #honesty #clarity #donellepremiumroofing #dproofingrepair #donelle #saskatoon #saskatchewan #saskatoonhomes #yxe

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