About Us

We aim to bring you the best roofing experience with  honesty, quality and clarity throughout the entire process.
Kevin Donelle, Founder

Drive, Patience & Precision

Many roofers unfortunately don't have the patience, capability or proper work ethic to continue in this trade for the long term. Most of them will move on to other fields early on. Few carpenters or handy men will want to even attempt roofing if it's any more than a simple bungalow. At Donelle Premium Roofing, this is our expertise! You can be assured your roof will be in some of the best hands in the industry. We like to do things one way and that's the best way! Give us a call today and we'll more happy to provide you with long lasting solutions to meet your needs and your budget! There is no roof too big, too small or too steep for our qualified team of experts!

The whole experience

On the majority of our projects, we provide all roofing materials, labour and garbage disposal. In many cases, our crew can be in and out in one day, leaving your property spotless, without damage and with your brand new, properly installed, long lasting roof above your head even before you get home from work.

Proper Workmanship done in a timely manner is always what we strive for each day. Of course, some roofs will take longer due to potential complications / delays. However we will always ensure that all the work approved by our valued customers is done with great care and attention to detail. Our experienced installers are quick and efficient but one thing we don't believe in is sacrificing our quality and reputation just to move on to the next job quicker.

Your future reference is extremely valuable to us and will not be taken for granted.
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