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Here’s a closer look at the recent large saddle we constructed in this highly problematic area where the homeowners experienced significant damage over the years from improper workmanship. The previous situation was inadequate slope and improper flashing. The house had an addition build over top of the existing roof and unfortunately they never bothered to properly install flashing beneath the siding (stucco) so instead they simply put all of their flashing over top and it lead to continuous water damage each time it rained behind the walls. Even worst is it severely rotted and even lead to mold development when water, ice and snow would build up and pool on the nearly flat roof that had nothing but shingles on it. To make things right, we tore everything down to the bare roof deck, we demolished the existing poorly built saddle, replaced all the rotten sheeting, rebuilt a new saddle with proper ice and water shield moisture protection, we roofed the saddle using some 2x10 ft pieces of valley metal with NO vertical seams and every horizontal seam caulked thoroughly with a high grade thermoplastic and finally we cut and removed a large portion of stucco to properly flash the walls throughout. We are confident this are will never leak again and we stand by our workmanship 100%!! Is your roof leaking or you suspect it may be causing some unnoticed damage behind your walls? Call us today for a 100% free inspection of your entire roof where we will gladly analyze every inch and propose long term solutions for any issues found. —-> 306-371-1817 #donellepremiumroofing #roofingcompany #saskatoon #roofingcontractor #roofingcontractors #roofleak #nomoreleaks #residentialroofing #roofersofinstagram #roofingexperts #roofrepair #roofrepairs #roofflashing #roofsaddle #saskatoonhomes #saskatoonrealestate #yxehomes #yxerealestate #dproofingrepair #rooferlife #roofinglife #qualityworkmanship #doitrightthefirsttime #roofingtips #homerenovation #homeaddition #homeinspector #homeinspection #homerepairs #roofingservices

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